Abraham Hunclay

Mysterious stargazing wizard, deceased


Abraham Hunclay bought a large plot of land in Belhaim a few years back, claiming it was the ideal spot for his astronomy research. He wasted no time in clear cutting every tree on his property to further this purpose, but found that the Witch Tower on the hill across town still obscured his view of the heavens. To his dismay, Baroness Origana Devy refused his request to have the rundown tower demolished. As the party arrives in Belhaim, Hunclay is suspiciously missing in action as a large tremor topples the Witch Tower over.

It is later discovered that he had hired the Mireblood kobold tribe to topple the tower. However, the tribe saw more value in slaying him and looting his estate, a scheme they accomplished (with more casualties than anticipated) by bringing the tower down on top of him.

Abraham Hunclay

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